My Home Isolation Diary: Day 1

First day in ‘Home Isolation’: The screwed relationship between Time & Space

Me in home isolation

Sept 01, 2021

Apart from a few courtesy calls and messages from neighbours and colleagues, nothing much happened as I start my home isolation today. Early in the morning, Ajinkya’s phone rang to give us some early morning ‘positive’ news from BBMP. Without any symptoms, without any specific reason, I was Covid positive.

Throughout the day I just felt a little tired not sure physically or mentally. We were planning to travel to Mumbai after 8 long months to celebrate Ganpati and Gauri festival with family. It was mandatory to do a covid test 72 hours before travelling so I did and I got positive results! So from the excitement of travelling after long to the huge disappointment of sitting 14 days in isolation and random panic in the family mostly because travel isn’t possible, nothing else was significant about today’s morning.

Suddenly I have so much time and lack of space. I am restricted to a room and found that I don’t have much to do. A person like me who is busy round the clock doing something or other and lately practising to complain less about not having enough time found herself in the weirdest possible situation of having too much time and not having an agenda for the day.

#randomgyaan When you have time, you need space too. When you don’t have time, you don’t care about the space. Time and space should be directly proportional to each other but this is the only time when I see them being inversely proportional.

Not that I didn’t have work but due to covid, I had to take mandatory sick leave and help my team members not to suffer from ‘remote infection’. Mostly because I was feeling empty and had lost my ability to think about what exactly to work on and set priorities for the day. I let the emptiness and tiredness take over while I try to recover from sleeplessness.

When you don’t have to do your daily chores when you don’t feel like working at all when you feel randomly tired and your travel plans get screwed, you just want to question everything randomly; like what should I do now? Is it a false positive? Why is nothing happening to me if I am covid positive? How I am supposed to spend time from 5 am to 11 pm without stepping out of this room? Am I going to sleep more because I suddenly have so much free time and no space? Will this isolation turn me into a lazier person? …

Seriously speaking I have started missing my kitchen the most. The place which I often disrespect but the freedom to enter your kitchen, cook whatever you want, search containers for food whenever you feel like and planning what to cook for breakfast — lunch — dinner is so empowering. I realised it today! #randomrealisation

I don’t even feel like shooting a new video, reading a book or watching something on YouTube. Suddenly I am feeling nauseated to consume content of any sort.

Not sure where this journey is taking me but I think this is the best time to reflect and put my thoughts together — an activity I never had a time for. I hope this #OpenJournal will help me to figure out myself better and help you, my readers to figure a thing or two about yourself too.



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