Looking for Purpose in Life?

Reflction on Existential Questions

This post is not meant to comment or convey a message but it’s a reflection on life’s difficult questions which lead to some more questions. Thoughts and perspectives welcome.

I have seen people with vision and people without it. People who take life one day at a time and people who have plans of lifetime. I don't see a reason for people without purpose not to be happy and people with purpose to have most fulfilling lives. Not sure which is better than the other!

Thinking if purpose or vision is the only driving force. Can we lead a fulfilling life without having a to-do list or big plans attached?

People who do mundane jobs generally lead a healthy and sustainable life vs people with vision who broke themselves emotionally and mentally but still want to change the world. I am certainly not underestimating their purpose, vision or efforts to lead life of changemaker. With change their will be pain. Life of people who do great things are miserable many times but their work becomes a reason for the well-being of thousands of others. Not sure which path to take but thinking if having vision can be the only good thing about somebody's life?

There are people who don't have a purpose or vision but they have life goals which are not related to their work but they are still chasing something. Like to be the best at certain skill, learning as many skills, reading hundreds of books, traveling around the world. They too are chasing something everyday just the way people with vision do.

Questions I want to raise here are "Is chasing something everyday the measure of meaningful life? Is it really important to associate with meaning at every step? Can their be a good life without vision or life goals? What do we mean by living a good life at first and is their a definition for good and bad life?"

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