Lessons from Entrepreneurship: 1

And I realised it is about journeys and not destinations!

It is about constantly learning new things, taking up new challenges, discovering unknown terrains, doing something you were never comfortable with.. stealing smallest moments of laughter, gratitude and pleasures..

It is about discovering your new self every day, it is about the changing plans, it is about breaking your own perceptions, biases and judgements, redefining success for yourself, it is about having the difficult conversations, losing your mind at times, from not having time to have your food to gaining back your balance, it is not just a thing.. it is what defines you as a person, for the world but most importantly, for yourself…!

I have been constantly learning new things every single day yet it feels infinite like an ocean. It is truly a journey worth travelling.

Education & Innovation | I write about people, places, thoughts and experiences

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