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  • Marianne Henriksson

    Marianne Henriksson

    I bought my first computer in 1988 because it made it possible to edit what I wrote, rather than crumpling up yet another sheet of paper. Since then…

  • Sunil Sathyendra

    Sunil Sathyendra

    Author, Zerowaste Enthusiast, Deep thinker, Change maker, Believer in the power of possibilities and people. Volunteer https://linktr.ee/pungidasa

  • Elena Tucker

    Elena Tucker

    Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

  • Vivian Fang

    Vivian Fang

    A person want to make contact with the world by reading.

  • Shy Rowel

    Shy Rowel

    Writer. Poet. IG: @shyrowel

  • Glenna Gill

    Glenna Gill

    My memoir, “When I Was Lost,” is available now. Stay in touch with me at www.glennagill.com

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