Don’t force yourself to be happy

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All of us want to be happy in life. Happiness is that one thing people have as a life goal but let me tell you something. It is not a goal. It's a journey that matters.

A phase in life comes where everything goes up, and you are filled with joy that is increasing every single day. But not all days are same. While trying to be happy with whatever we have, let me tell you something, you can't be happy always.

There are days when we just get frustrated, fearful and irritated because of everything. There are days when priorities change. There are days when you can't sleep for a moment. There are days when you can't find happiness no matter how hard you try. There are days when you are low on energy, low on motivation, low on joy, low on positivity.

I tend to have extremely hard time dealing with these days as I want to be the best version of myself on each day. But being a best version of yourself every single days is a myth. You can be the worst version of yourself too. And that's what will make you real.

Authentic people can't fake it. They either have an option to keep calm while working on their breath and mind but mostly they will lose it sometimes. Being a peace loving and calm person who doesn't like to dominate anyone is not easy. You will have days when you will get utterly frustrated with who you are and your ways of dealing with things while people and situations test your patience to the level that you are unable to handle. But you know what, you need to take weapons in hand on those days. It's okay.. let others not take advantage of who you are.

You can't fake who you are. If you are meant to be a good person at heart, you will be that and it will show up no matter how much you try to mean. Changing you life takes time. Tiny habits take time to develop. Giving yourself time in order to create the life that you want for yourself, take time. Being patient is hard. But stay there. Don't give up as yet.

It's fine if you can't deal with it. Just allow yourself to be frustrated and acknowledge the fact that you need to work on it once this phase is over.

Take care! Don't force happiness, just be there for yourself.

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