The Power of Creative Break, Journaling & Lazying around in rediscovering Creativity

Peace and laziness on a Sunday

I am in home isolation for 5 days due to Covid now and the first four days of writing in isolation helped me to vent out so many thoughts but today, it was just a lazy Sunday! Today’s post is inspired by one of my favourite most books, Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley, founders of IDEO, the first Design firm in the world and Standford d.School, a few publications that I follow on Medium and YouTube of course!

I love Sundays… As they give me an opportunity to reconnect with myself, family and just take a break from routine. During one of the sessions on entrepreneurship by NSRCEL, the speaker, Malavika Harita mam was telling us to be productive throughout the week and literally sloth on Sundays. She said, it really helps. That is the only way you can keep yourself going throughout this hectic journey called Startup.

Being into entrepreneurship, you need to be creative at every stage. I love calling myself a creative professional even if education startup doesn’t count into that but seriously, how to create content, manage a team, how to solve internal problems, how to curate new programs, approach new clients, every time situations demand thinking creatively from me and my team. And yes, I have restarted writing and started a new YouTube channel on personal development, so creativity is the backbone of my work. I sometimes feel like I am exhausting my creative quota and unable to think beyond a point. That’s the time I know that I am facing a creative block and need a BREAK.

The book ‘Creative Confidence’ mentions ‘taking a break’. They have a fancy term for that which I am unable to recall at the moment and due to isolation I can’t cross the Lakshman Rekha of my room, go to another room, open my bookshelf and figure it out. Seriously, that’s the problem I have! See the problems of privileged people who are getting food served, a separate room to isolate, a laptop and an internet connection! I know… I do acknowledge privileges I have but that doesn’t make me remind the fancy term for taking a creative break.

This is how you can take a break and hit a refresh button to your creativity:

  1. Write it out: Write down (don’t type, take a pen and paper and write) till the time you feel empty, you don’t have anything more to write about… I am telling you this is the best medication for emptying your headspace.
  2. Audio journaling: Fancy, isn’t it? But wait, there are apps available for that. Just record the damn thing and keep it there for eternity. Go back and listen to your voice. It’s a healer they say.
  3. Green and fresh air: I have started going out with my husband Ajinkya on Sundays these days (of course not during the quarantine period). There is something in the greenery that helps to soothes my eyes. When I breathe fresh air, I feel that disconnect from the screen and I can reconnect with myself.
  4. Combination of Writing, Greens and Fresh air: Bingo! You need nothing more, nothing less. This is the best way to vent it out!
  5. Meditation: Last but the best one. It’s been more than a year I am meditating on and off and for the last 6 months, I am meditating regularly. So I don’t really feel blocked these days. I will write a separate post or do a YouTube video on this but meditation is helping me to keep my cool and resist unnecessary stress and anxiety. I use YouTube for 10-min morning meditation. Check out these channels: Great Meditation, Goodful, Calm and The Mindful Movement.

During these few days, I am writing extensively without consuming much and I am keeping a notebook with me all the time. Whenever I come across a new idea, I am jotting it down. Doesn’t matter if I am using that idea later or putting it in the dustbin. I get too excited whenever a new idea strikes me, I want to start working on that right now, right here. The good part is sometimes it helps to enhance what I am doing but sometimes it is just a random thought that distracts me. So I carefully noted down all my thoughts, especially the ones which have the power to distract me and I learned that it helps to free my mind. So I created a system for the same. I now have a notebook with me, Google keep is installed on my phone with headers on blog ideas, video ideas, books to read etc. I tried using high-end apps like Notion but it will take me some time to graduate from kindergarten to grad school. Last but not the least, I am keeping the tab open on my browser to write a new draft. So that I can write down whatever and whenever I feel like it. Creative Journaling if we can call it but this process is helpful to keep my headspace open.

A few days back, I got into information fatigue. I consumed too much content in order to study for creating good content but that drained me out. So for the last 1 week, I didn’t really consume much though I completed 2 books: Show your Work & Tuesdays with Morrie. Here’s what I learned from consuming less:

It’s fine…! I had become a huge consumer of news and political content. I thought I needed to understand everything happening in the world but trust me, the world didn’t care about me. All the news channels (YouTube ones and not TV news. I don’t have a TV) were doing perfectly fine even if I didn’t consume any of their content. I tried to eliminate excessive content by sticking to the minimum, the essential ones.

Then next, I had done ample online courses for the last couple of months. You want to know how many? To be precise, more than 10. I don’t remember the exact number. And my diet on YouTube, my daily dose of knowledge you know… I mean yes, that’s very important for me but it gets over my head sometimes as I don’t consume any form of entertainment content unless it is ‘infotainment’. Strange but I am that kind of idiot. Anyways, so sticking to minimums, taking a time off from consumption and creating this kind of written content has worked as a therapy for me. Now my battery is recharged so that I can go for more.

So, yeah.. the 5th day of home isolation was just a lazy Sunday without much reflection. I consciously made effort to do the minimum, I just completed the book, started a new one, worked on my blog (which will be released I don’t know when but soon), jotted down many crazy ideas for the future videos and blog posts and didn’t draw any connections with philosophy, psychology, random gyaan, random realisations or pedagogy…


I am leaving you with the link to my favourite book: ‘Creative Confidence’ here.




Education & Innovation | I write about people, places, thoughts and experiences

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Sharwari Kulkarni

Sharwari Kulkarni

Education & Innovation | I write about people, places, thoughts and experiences

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